Artist/Owner: Susan Anne Walton

Type of Business: Arts, Entertainment, and Media

Major Product / Service: Art Education

Expertise: Fine Arts

Marketing Area: Regional, National

Education / Degrees: MSed. Teaching and Leadership, Simmons College; Tier I Administrative Credential (pending),CA State University, East Bay;  28 units toward MFA Art Education, Boston University; Earned 15 Units toward Masters in Education for K-12 Clear California Single Subject Credential in Art; BA, Art, Concentration in Early Childhood Education, Lone Mountain College (USF)

Collaboration, consultancy and board of director work includes:

Second Overcomers of Hope.org



Affiliations / Awards: NAEA, NAACP, ACLU, The Futurist, Gardening Club, Cooking Club, Senator Prada’s Art Award; Achieved Lead Teacher Status 1995 Boston Public Schools; Wrote/received grant awards: (e.g. National Science Foundation, Boston Plan for Excellence, and Impact II) to enhance program development for children, and increase my knowledge in the teaching/learning process

Favorite Publication: Conde Nast Portfolio, The Futurist, Clay Times, Organic Gardening, Cooking Pleasures

Hobbies / Personal Interest: All Sports, Gardening, Animals, Cooking, Travel, and Arts

Family: One of four adult siblings, many nieces and nephews along with great nieces and nephews. A wonderful mom and friends to guide me.

Mission Statement

ART4HUMANITY was founded July 2004 by sole proprietor Susan A. Walton to ensure a greater awareness of the arts to all people.

She desires a society that is conscious of lifestyles that choose art as an aim. Her clients have opportunities to grow in their own right as creative humans to contribute to living history and to shape future generations. She matches her thinking with that of other upcoming scholars for a more conscious, conceptual and spiritual age using arts as a vehicle for learning and shaping human development.

Furthermore, Susan professes in her work empathy for humanity in this ever- changing world.

She believes by design (choice) one can change their human condition and that of others.

It is creating meaning in ones’ personal story that there is creative expression. As humanity, we can hold onto what is valuable-ART.