ART4HUMANITY is a consultant-based outreach organization that is a conduit for artists, educators, and business, medical and governmental agencies.

Founder Susan Anne Walton desires a society that is conscious of lifestyles that choose art as an aim. Her clients have opportunities to grow in their own right as creative humans to contribute to living history and to shape future generations.

She matches her thinking with that of other upcoming scholars for a more conscious, conceptual and spiritual age using arts as a vehicle for learning and shaping human development.

Contact Susan and share your dreams and your visions for a world that values art.

Oakland Public Schools Measure G1

On April 12th, 2017 the school board named the five person Measure G1 oversight committee.

The oversight committee will be responsible for advising the school board in three areas:

  1. Making sure that Measure G1 funds are used as the parcel tax intended
  2. Reviewing annual and independent audit reports
  3. Making recommendations to the school board about policies and regulations that will support the implementation and compliance of G1 funds

Screens 2 Go

Silkscreening has always been a creative outlet for me and it’s one that children and adults can use to express their artistic talents.

I’ve had a desire for a long time to bring affordable silkscreening into the community and recently wrote a mini-grant to receive 28 wood screening frames.

28 students will now have their own screens to create!

28 more budding artists to brighten our lives.

The Bamboo Corridor” is a backdrop for an exhibition of shoes, “Kicking it Up a Notch with Color.”

Created by Montera Middle School students under the direction of artist/educator, Susan Anne Walton, the exhibit displays upcycled slippers, loafers, sneakers and other footwear created by the students to practice design elements and conceptual thinking.

Please join us in promoting a positive learning environment for middle school youth and contribute to The Bamboo Mural Project‘s completion.

The project is for a mural to be painted on the 7′ X 44’ space that would be the size of the wall outside the art classroom called “The Bamboo Corridor.”

The mural will mirror the vegetation/bamboo and architecture of the school and will be executed using a combination of green tones and ombre color palettes, done in a similar style to the Abrams Claghorn Gallery Mural.

The artful color and playful composition of the mural will provide students a space to creatively reflect on the unique beauty their environment.